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Handlooms: Shawls

Kullu ShawlsKullu Valley offers Kinnauri shawls, apart from the mainly produced Kullu shawls . The artistic hand-woven woolen shawls from Kinnaur Valley (the higher hills of Himachal Pradesh) are truly unique from the others and believed to be centuries old.

The raw material used in Kullu Shawls are Australian merino wool, Pashmina wool and local sheep wool. Kullu Shawls Their elaborate designs Patterns bear a strong Central Asian influence and have a symbolic and religious implication. Basic colours used for Kinnauri shawls are red, orange, pink, blue, green, yellow, black and white for patterning and white, black and natural greys or brown as the base. White stands for water, yellow stands for earth, red for fire, green for air and blue for aether.

This craft originally belongs to Kinnaur Valley. In 1927, the craftsmen from Rampur, Bhusheher migrated to Kullu Valley and settled here and made an inevitable contribution to Kulvi (of Kullu) craft of shawl weaving.

Most of the shawls for commercial use are woven on the frame loom, though the one for local use is still woven on the pitloom. A shawl is not complete in the first stage. It undergoes an elaborate hand- stitching of two half pieces from the center, weaved separately. These shawls are also manufactured as a single piece.

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