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Education is the nurturing of the development of an individual through the unhindered, unfolding of innate qualities. People of Kullu have been very innocent and simple all these years, but the light of wisdom & education has helped in flowering of their creative potentiality and in revealing their inherent ability. It has awakened their aptitude and helped to foster an integrated life.

The opening up of 10 Govt. Schools in 1948 was the first step towards education in Kullu Valley. Since then there has been no looking back. The first graduate from Kullu was in 1900. With passage of time, meaning of education widened in Kullu and people took to learning various things in order to walk with the outside world. Now Kullu does not have just the schools and colleges for education but there are a number of vocational training centres as well, which have helped in building careers of the local people. A number of sports and fine arts training centres have also come up which are helping in enhancing the personality of the individuals.

Kullu now shows you the picture of an advanced town in the lap of the Himalayas.

Towards 100% Literacy

"The lamp of wisdom glows in every abode, bestowing light on each and everyone. This absolute literacy is leading the valley of gods to progress. Year 2000 marks the making of Himachal Pradesh the second most literate state of the country, after Kerala. Kullu's contribution in this achievement is a quite significant one. Presented to you a glimpse of the sustained journey to success."

-Malika Raj

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