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Handlooms & Handicrafts of Kullu Valley

The artisans of Kullu valley preserve a rich heritage of handlooms and handicrafts. There is an amazing range of beautiful handloom and handicraft products in Kullu.

The traditional brilliant colours of the Handlooms probably manifest people's zest for life and creation.

A Kullu Shawl

The famous Kullu Shawls are admired for their elegant look. Kullu Caps are widely worn by the local people and are also equally popular among tourists.

Warm local Tweeds, Pattus, Muflars etc. are the other handloom products largely produced in Kullu.

Metal & Wood Crafts

Mohra, the mask of a dietyMetal Crafts of Kullu include Mohras (The masks of the deities), Ornaments, Musical Instruments, various articles of household use and Sheet Metal products.

There are excellent wood carvings in the temples of Kullu. These traditionally made temples display remarkable Woodcraft .

Pulla, the slipper made out of marijuana stem fibers There are many lesser known crafts in Kullu. The widly practiced are slippers of grass, straw carpets, mattresses, woolen quilts, hand knitted woolens and baskets.

Handloom - A major occupation of the Valley
In Kullu Valley a large section of the population is involved in Handicraft industry. In 1997-98, total production from the govt. registered handlooms was worth Rs. 27.07 crore.
Development Programs

Women working in a Handloom IndustryThe state government of Himachal Pradesh has been running various development programs for the upliftment of Handicraft Industry.

Angora Farm
Heritage Handlooms

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