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Canecraft & Pottery

Cane Craft
Cane craft is yet another craft budding in the valley. Products of cane craft range from articles of daily use as pataris (baskets) and kiltas (an all- purpose conical basket to be carried on the back) to imaginative furniture.

Materials used:
Conical baskets made of cane Local Cane: It is used for making baskets (pataris) and allied goods.
Local cane is a species of bamboo, locally called 'nargal'. It is found wild in bounty in the upper reaches of the valley.

Though it comes under the jurisdiction of the forest department, yet villagers go to the jungle and collect cane for making baskets, etc. for individual and commercial purposes. These baskets were earlier used for transporting fruits and storing wool.

Imported Cane: For making furniture varied varieties of cane are imported from Assam and Andaman, the major cane producing regions of the country. The craftsmen are generally from various parts of the country especially Uttar Pradesh.

These baskets, furniture and gift Pieces are exhibited and sold during the Spring Festival and Dushehra fair held in April and October respectively. There are shops in the valley dealing in these products.


Earthen Pots in a pottery shop - Kullu valley

Clay pottery is also one of the oldest and traditional crafts of Kullu Valley. Initially it was the skill of Kangra Valley, but now it is practiced all over Himachal Pradesh. It can be said to have started when the need for common household utensils was felt. The artist puts in his imaigination to create different clay products. The artisan is locally known as 'Kumahar'.

The craftsmen have been limited to the production of items for local consumption like pots, earthenwares, pitchers and kitchen utensils, with an exception of very few decorative items. These gears can garnish and add a stroke of elegance to your drawing room, offices etc.

Status of Craftsmen

About 500 craftsmen are engaged in this craft from the pottery community known as 'Kumahars'. Many of them have migrated from Kangra valley, where this is a very popular craft. The families have been doing this work since generations.

The clay products are largely displayed in the fairs held in the valley.

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