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Kullu Shawls (Handwoven Woolen Fabric famous for brilliant Designs)

Colourful Design Patterns on Kullu Shawls Kullu Shawls occupy a place of pride among the Handicrafts of Kullu. They are world famous for their elegant look, brilliant traditional patterns , quality and reasonable cost.

A shawl is a light woolen fabric measuring 1 x 2 meters. It is usually draped around and over the chest and shoulders by women. Generally, the yarn is Merino Wool, Angora Wool, Pashmina Wool, local sheep wool or a combination of any of these. Men also wear shawls, these are known as Loi or Chaddar.

Lady weaving on a loom Kullu shawls occupy an imperative position in the economy of the valley and to realize the demand 20000 to 22000 people are partially engaged in this field and about 10000 people fully earn their livelihood from the industry.

The price of shawls depends upon the quality of wool and the pattern and ranges from Rs. 100 to Rs. 12000. The ones made on the handloom are expensive as compared to those made on the powerloom.

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