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Metal Craft (A beautiful Heritage of skilled Craftsmanship)

A Mask - wearing a benign smileThe skilled metal craftsmen of Kullu and its adjoining areas cherish a rich tradition of metal crafts. These craftsmen produce beautiful masks , charriots and palanquins of the Gods and Godesses, Traditional ornaments , local household articles of rural people and the tradional musical instruments played during cultural ocassions.

The craftsmen follow the traditional mannual method. These methods include casting, engraving, ornamenting etc. the metals used are silver, brass and copper. The metalcraft of Kullu depicts the local flora and fauna in their designs. The excellent carvings depict Gods and Godesses, episodes from epics etc.

Metalsmiths at work - Kullu valley Craftsmen make following articles:

  • Masks made of Silver, Gold, and Brass.
  • Chhatra (umbrella) made of Silver & Gold.
  • Dhol (Drum) made of Brass
  • Narsingha made of Copper
  • Nagara made of Brass
  • Palanquins made of Silver and Brass

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