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Handlooms of Kullu Valley

Weaving IndustrySince the inevitable need for woolens was felt, the aborigines of the valley started creating the same for themselves. Alterations have undeniably arisen but those have worked towards enhancing the status of weavers and the looms. The handloom has put back the pitloom, superior raw material is in use and positive variations have occurred in the motifs.

The pitloom developed and took the shape of a handloom, which produces finer products rapidly. Formerly, plain shawls were woven but with the arrival of Bushehras (weavers from Rampur Bushehar, Shimla) into the valley, patterned handloom products came into trend. The patterns woven illustrate indigenous flora and fauna. In order to accomplish every promising demand of the patrons more of raw materials are being imported into Kullu from every nook and corner.

Local lady weaving on pitloom

The hues typically vivid were in fashion till recently, but these days people are smitten by pastel shades. The colors are made of both natural and chemical dyes.

Handlooms are now found in almost every house of the valley who weave for themselves and for commercial purposes. It has expanded as a key cottage industry in Kullu Valley. There are thousands of people wholly and partly occupied in the sphere.

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