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Kullu Caps

Kullu CapsThe splendor of Kullu caps has chanted a spell in the region. Kullu Cap is a colorful article made out of woolen cloth. The cap is round in shape, having colorful border on its sides which is woven on small looms.

Technical Specifications
Yarn used:

  • Warp - 2/ 16 Woolen Worsted or blended.
  • Weft - 2/ 16 Woolen Worsted or blended.
  • Patterning - Warp- 2/ 44's, 2/ 48's Woolen Worsted or Acrylic & Weft 2/ 32's Woolen Worsted or Acrylic. 2-3 ply and Weave- 2/ 2 twill for plain portion & weft rib for patterning.

Size - Kullu Caps come in the size of small, medium and large, locally numbered as:
Small- # 2, 3, 4.
Medium- # 5, 6, 7.
Large- #8 & 9.

Sh. Devi Prakash Sharma, who had been working with the Woolen Development Carding Center, brought in the border caps. Only 20 caps were prepared and exhibited in Dusshera festival in 1967. They caught the attraction of the people. The border (local patterned lace) that was exhausted formerly was at this instant brought into play and that too in a really striking style. The credit of bringing velvet caps to the Kullu market goes to Sh. Hari Ram of Himalaya Caps.

The border comes in different designs and colours. In Kullu traditionally bright colours were used but nowadays vegetable colours are being used.

The Price of Kullu Caps ranges from Rs. 20 to Rs. 250 or more. It depends on the pattern in the border and the cloth used.

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