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Handicrafts: Hand Knit Woolens

Precious and cheap, the woolen products of Kullu Valley are exclusive.Their geometrical designs are knitted in variety of colours. These products are generally made during winter, as women are mostly free after the agricultural season is over. Besides taking pleasure in this work, they also earn money.

These products are prepared by coarser Indian wool in different chemical and natural dyes. Basically these products belong to the tribal areas of Lahual and Spiti.

Woolen SocksWoolen Socks: These socks are made out of wool and have geometrical designs displayed in brilliant colors.

Woolen Sweaters: It is a handknitted pullover having floral and geometrical designs over it. These are knitted in indigenous wool.

Woolen Caps & Gloves: These are also made out of wool with vivid designs.

The prices of hand knitted woolens depend upon the quality of wool, the pattern, span of the product and the neatness in designs.

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