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 Shirar Kahika

Idols of Gods at Shirar KahikaKahika is a festival of repentance of past sins and misdeeds. It is also said that the celebration of this festival helps in the purification of human soul. In some places, this fair is held every two, five or seven years.

The fair is held after a local fable. Once a local deity came to Shirarh village along with his friend Naur. Both felt hungry and the deity went to the local Rana (chief) to ask for food but the Rana refused. This enraged the deity and he went at the top of a hill and brought about flood. The turbulent flood destroyed everything making its way. The deity soon realized that his friend Naur had also became a victim of the flood. He felt himself responsible for his death. So he started commemorating this festival every third year in his remembrance.

A square altar is prepared with the branches of a Deodar tree at its four corners. A person from the Naur tribe sits in it and Deo Khel (a form of dance) is performed here. During the festival, he is killed and revived by a special procedure. People confess their sins and repent. This is how the whole incident is symbolically repeated.

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