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Deities assembled in the fairThose fairs which take place during Chaitra and Baisakh (second half of April and first half of May) are called Birshu.

A day before this month begins, the delicacies are cooked in all the households and are sent to the relatives. On the next day, the village temples are decorated. Everyone assembles in front of the temple where the gur (spokesman of God) performs Deo Khel (special dance performed by the gur) and goes into the trance. In the state of trance he makes the yearly predictions and assures the people of his help in the time of need.

Then the village God or Goddess is taken round and all the people greet them in front of their houses and seek their blessings. After moving throughout the village, the God or Goddess is brought back to the temple and a fair is held.

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