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Climate of a place influences the native's style of living, their food and their attire. Due to the chill weather almost for the complete year, warm clothes are used more in Kullu Valley.

The clothes of the people have changed with time. Presently people of Kullu wear dress common in any part of the country but still in some areas people wear the traditional dress.

A Man in Traditional DressTraditional Dress of Men

Chola- Chola is a long woolen coat with pleats.
Dora- Dora is a piece of cloth which is tied on the waist and is served as a belt.
Suthan- Suthan is something like a tight pant.
Topa: Topa is a black cap.
Topi- It is now known as Kullu Cap. It is a colorful cap made out of woollen cloth with a Kulluvi designed band around it.
Lachhoo- Lachhoo is a blanket used to cover the shoulders.
Chadder- Chadder or Loi is a gents shawl. It is mostly in grey, white, cream and brown in color.

Traditional Dress of Women

A Women in Traditional Dress

Pattoo- It is a traditional dress of the local women. It is thicker and heavier than shawls, with fast and bright colors. Women wear pattoo over their clothes and pin both ends with local silver broaches called 'boomini', which is a long silver chain. It covers the whole body and a piece of cloth is tied around the waist called gachchi, which acts as a belt.
Dhatu or Thipu - Dhatu or Thipu is a square piece of cloth used to cover the head.
Shawls - These shawls are world famous because of their beautiful intricate designs and bright colors.
Pullas - Pullas are footwear like the bedroom slippers made out of hemp (fibre extracted from Marijuana stem). Very colorful designs are made on the upper portion with colored wollen threads.

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