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 Banjar Fair

Shringa Rishi - Chief Deity of BanjarThis is the biggest fair of Banjar Valley and is held on the 2nd of Jyestha (local month, which falls between second half of May and first half of June) every year. This fair is held in Baggi village of Banjar. It is dedicated to Shringa Rishi, the chief deity of Banjar. Several other deities as well participate in this 4 day long fair.

A day before the fair starts, the idol of Shringa Rishi is carried to his original abode "Skeeran Jot" in a palanquin. People participate in the procession starving themselves (a form of penance) and follow the deity barefoot. Next evening he is brought back to Banjar with great pomp and show. Thereafter, all of the deities meet.

Being the main festival of Banjar, the fair is celebrated with great fervor. The main attraction of this fair is the day and night 'Seraji Natti' (folk dance of Banjar), performed by the rural people. Since last few years, masses of tourists have been coming to see the fair.

Himachal Pradesh government has declared Banjar fair as a state level event.

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