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A man ploughing the fields People of Kullu are basically farmers. The vast wealth of natural resources - natural vegetation, fertile soil, forests, pastures, lakes and snow-clad mountain peaks have led people to be farmers primarily. Besides that, people are into bee keeping and horticulture.

Kullu valley has immense potential for tourism and this has drawn more and more people to the hotel and travel agency business. The stimulus from the government has attracted more and more people into the field.

People working on handloomsWith the development of handicraft industry more and more people are getting into thus industry for earning livelihood. The handloom industry has developed as a cottage industry generating employment of about 20000 to 22000 merely in the shawl industry. Schemes implemented by the government for the upliftment of handloom and handicraft industry and the weavers have gone a long way in the growth of the industry.

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