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The people of Kullu Valley like to wear ornaments. They wear beautiful ornaments during special occasions like marriages , festivals and fairs . Women wear light ornaments in their daily life. In the past both men and women used to wear a lot of ornaments, whereas these days only women wear ornaments. Silver ornaments were mostly worn in the past. In the present days gold and silver are equally used. There is an ample variation in the ornaments wore by the women today. The ornaments wore by women are as follows:

Nose Ornaments:
LaungLaung- This nose stud is a dailywear and is made of gold.
Balu- It is a gold nose ring wore by the bride.
Fuli- It is a wore under the bridge of the nose.

Head ornaments:
Tunki- It is a silver ornament used to cover the parting of the hair.
Tora- It is a silver ornament used as a hairband.
Tika- It is an elaborate design, a combination of Tunki and Tora.
Paranda- It is a long silver ornament used to decorate the knot.

Feet Ornaments:
JhanjarJhanjar- It is 3" to 4" wide anklet made of silver.
Payal- This anklet is narrow than the Jhanjhar.
Bichhwa- It is a ring worn on the toes.

Ear ornaments:
GokhaduKhundi- It is a small golden or silver ring worn on the upper part of the ear.
Gokhadu- It is a big ear ring with colorful beads and a long chain covering the fore part of the ear.
Bali- It is a big golden ring.
Dhidu- It is a bell shaped ear ring made of gold.

Neck Ornaments:
ChandraharChandrahar- This silver necklace is worn during marriages and fairs.
Sikkamala- It is a silver necklace of coins belonging to the British era. This is also worn on occasions like marriages and fairs.
Ghungroomala- It is made up of small hollow silver beads. They are used as a daily wear.
Jaumala Jaumala- Jaumala is an ornament of daily wear made up of silver pendants, which are in the shape of barley.
Mendkumala- It is similar to Jaumala but the pendants are smaller in size and slightly round in shape. This is used as a daily wear.

Finger Ornaments:
GuthiGuthi- It is a golden ring in the shape of a diamond.
Chhalai- It is in the shape of a band.

Arm Ornaments:
TokaeTokae- It is a flat designed silver bracelet, which is around 4" broad. It is generally wore during marriages and fairs.
Maritadi- It is a silver bracelet with beautifully designed spikes. The two ends of the bracelet are joined with the help of a nut.
Jalibandh- It is a 4" broad silver band having intricate net designed on it. It has small bells on one side (gungroo). Two ends of the bracelet are joined with the help of a nut. It is mostly worn during marriages and fairs.
Kangnu- It is a silver bracelet with the heads of snake engraved on the ends.

Ornaments for Pattu:
BoomaniBoomani- Boomani is silver or gold needles joined together with chains. It is used to tie up the pattoo (local dress).

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