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Women spinning the yarnWomen around the world have progressed and so have the women of Kullu valley gained liberation. Present generation women of both urban and rural areas have found room for themselves. Earlier generations were dogmatic and they didn't give the women much freedom of thought and action. But now, society has realized their worth and women have been provided with improved working conditions both inside and outside homes.

The people have changed their opinion and education is now in reach of village girls too. According to 2001 census, women of Kullu contribute 61.24% to the 73.36% literacy rate of the valley. They can now articulate themselves better and understand how to help themselves.

Various teaching schemes have been started for women. They are trained in handicrafts, stitching, embroidery etc. Women have decision-making powers, with reserved seats in panchayats (village administrative bodies) as well as state and central legislative assemblies. Kullu women have emancipated themselves and the old traditions are no more enforced on them.

The hardworking women are making remarkable differences in their spheres i.e. at homes and in the fields. They are working equally with men in every field. Womenfolk play a vital role in character-building of children as they have greater responsibility of taking care of them at home. The system of dowry does not prevail in Kullu. During marriages the close relatives of bride offer gifts to express their love. Girls have right over their father's property even after marriage.

Despite such progress, shortcomings are still there. Life of women in distant villages is even now confined to the thresholds of their homes. The Women who are allowed to work out of homes face difficulties. They have to work hard before leaving for jobs and again have hectic work schedules ready on reaching home.

Women working in the fields To effect changes in the living conditions of women, people will have to react in a much stronger way. Every society greatly depends on its women and they undoubtedly maintain the standards of the great customs and traditions. What they need is strong moral support from the men's folk. Women of Kullu have great potential in them. They need to express their divine qualities and harness their energies.

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