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Local Households

Utensils made by local smiths - Kullu Valley Local smiths of Kullu make various articles of every day use. These smiths preserve their traditional craft, unaffected by the modern development. This art is carried on as a family occupation since ages and continues on a small scale.

Despite their small scale production, they fully cater to the basic need of the rurals. They make household articles as ladles, spoons, tongs, pans, wooden stoves and agricultural implements as sickle, shovel etc.

A local smith at work - Kullu Valley

Metals used for making these articles are aluminum, corrugated iron, brass or any combinations of these. To create these households the metals are heated on the hearth, cast, beaten and even carved with beautiful designs.

There are small shops in most of the villages or on the roadsides that deal in these household articles. Some of these shops are located in Patlikuhl and Sarwari bazaars of Kullu.

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