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 Temples in Banjar

Shringa Rishi Temple, Banjar - Kullu ValleyShringa Rishi Temple is one of the main temples of Banjar valley dedicated to Shringa Rishi who is the chief deity of Banjar Valley.

It was due to the yagna performed by the Rishi in the Tretayug (according to Hindu mythology it is the second of the four ages of progressive decline through which the world is considered to pass within each aeon) that King Dashratha of Ramayana was blessed with his sons.

The legend behind the presence of Shringa Rishi temple goes, "Once there was a Pindi (sacred stone) who started talking to a man and introduced himself as sage Shringa Rishi who had performed the yagna for King Dashratha. He asked the person to take him to an isolated place. The man took the pindi and placed it in the jungle. The sage didn't like the place and went to Skeeran Jot (a hill). After a few years with the help of a shepherd he came down to Village Baggi where the villagers built a temple for the sage."

The temple is constructed in Pagoda cum Pahari style. It has four roofs and the woodwork in the temple is of par excellence. The deity visits Hamta and Malana after every 12 years.

The temple is 13 km from Banjar. Local bus service is available and taxis can be hired to reach this place.

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