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 Monasteries in Kullu Valley

Buddhist Monastery at Pangran - Kullu Valley Kullu valley gives equal opportunities for every religion to subsist. The denizens too respect all the religions in the valley and visit other places of worship.

The large number of Buddhists in the valley has resulted in two monasteries in the valley, one in Manali and the other in Pangran.

The monastery in Manali is newly built one. Lamas are trained as preachers and performers of religious rites in the monastery. The monastery also runs a Thanka school of arts and a carpet-weaving centre.

This is done mainly to preserve ancient Tibetan art. Articles of handicraft are also kept for sale to outsiders. The paintings inside depict events from Lord Buddha's life. The Kalchakra i.e. the wheel of life painted on the wall of the monastery shows the circle of life. In the vicinity of the monastery there is the 'manne'. The Buddhists believe that rotating it gives you salvation.

Lamas in a monastery - Kullu ValleyThere is another monastery at Pangran, about 7 km from Patlikuhl a small town on National Highway. The lamas (Monks) are given training to be preachers. During the training the lamas are not allowed to go out. They are provided with lodging and food.

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