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 Temples around Kullu Town

Bisheshwar Temple at Bajaura - Kullu ValleyKullu valley encompasses several temples built in Pahari and pyramidal style. These temples bear great architectural and religious value.

Bisheshwar Temple, Bajaura is considered the largest and the most attractive temple in the valley built in the 8th century. The temple is situated about 14 km from Kullu and 200 m away from the main road.

Bijli Mahadev Temple is built in Pahari style. The temple has a 'Shiv Ling' installed in it. It is situated on top of a hill, 14 km. from Kullu at a height of about 1924 m.

Bhuvneshwari Temple, Bhekhli is built in Pahari style. The temple walls are decorated with Kangra paintings of Durga. The stone lion in the courtyard is a fine example of local art. This beautiful temple is situated uphill at a distance of 10 km from main Kullu town.

Vaishnu Devi Temple - Kullu ValleyVaishno Devi Temple lies on the national highway about 2 km north of Kullu town. This newly founded temple is as famous as any other old temple. Mahadevi herself wished for this temple and secondly it is blessed by two Tapasyas, one of Mahadevi (Vaishnu Devi) herself and other of Shri Maharaj ji (founder).

Raghunath Temple - Kullu ValleyRaghunath Temple, Sultanpur is dedicated to Lord Raghunath, the chief deity of Kullu. The world famous festival of Kullu Dussehra is held on his name. It is believed that the idol preserved in the temple is the one that was used by Lord Rama while performing the Ashwamedh Yagna.

All these temples are accessible by taxis and auto- rickshaws.

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