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 Mountain Passes in Kullu Valley

Snow clad Mountain Peaks - Kullu Valley

You don't need to have a magic wand to unravel the dazzling beauty, which you haven't onlooked earlier. A haven for tourists, Kullu valley envelops prodigious passes situated at matchless heights that spread out new concepts of majesty to you. These passes are believed to possess divine power and it is a tradition to make some offering whilst traversing the pass for the first time. It ensures the security of the traveller while crossing.

Rohtang Pass - Kullu ValleyRohtang Pass (4111 m), 51 km from Manali takes you to the highest point on the National Highway. Rohtang Pass offers you a spectacular view of the valley. One can see the majesty of the mountains at its height and splendor here.

'Rohtang' in Tibetan language means a house of corpses. Perhaps this name has been given to the pass due to the chain of accidental deaths that occurred here from time to time. The weather is unpredictable and fast wind blows in the afternoon. Snow falls at a very high speed.

The pass remains open from early June to mid - December. You can get there by a bus or by a taxi.

Jallori Pass - Banjar ValleyJallori Pass (3550m) lies between the Ani and Banjar valleys. The pass offers a panoramic view of both the valleys and the nature is very bountiful here. The pass is accessible throughout the year and is closed for vehicular traffic during winter because heavy snowfall retards crossing.

One has to walk on foot from Jibhi to reach the pass.

Bashleo Pass (3250m) is as close to paradise as you can get. It is a fabulous trekking area and is splendid in natural beauty.

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