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 Museums & Art Galleries in Kullu Valley

Roerich Art Gallery, Naggar
Roerich Art Gallery, Naggar - Kullu Valley Nicholas K. Roerich embraced stupendous quality. His inspiration from the Himalayas drew him to paint thousands of paintings of the Himalayas, the sentinels of India. A few of his excellent creations have been housed at the Roerich Art Gallery, in Naggar. The gallery preserves original works of Roerich on the Himalayas, quotations from Roerich and valued words of the visitors and the admirers.

Roerich Art Gallery is situated 2 km uphill from Naggar bus stop. The gallery remains open from 10 A.M. to 5 P.M., except Mondays.
Once you reach Naggar you can easily get a taxi or an auto-rickshaw to the art gallery.

Urusvati Himalayan Folk Art Museum, Naggar
'Urusvati' Folk Art Museum, Naggar - Kullu ValleyUrusvati, meaning light of the morning star. This folk art museum was founded by Professor and Madame Nicholas Roerich in 1928, then known as Research Institute, Naggar where history, ethos, the spirit of the Himalayan region and the traditional Indian and Tibetan medicines were studied.

It was renamed as Urusvati Himalayan Folk Art Museum in 1993. The museum preserves paintings made by Roerichs and also those made by Indian and Russian artists.

The museum remains open from 9 A.M. to 5 P.M. throughout the week except Mondays. It is situated 100 m uphill Roerich Art Gallery. You can easily hire a taxi or an auto-rickshaw from Naggar bus stop.

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