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 Hot Water Springs (Manikaran, Khirganga, Kalath and Vashishtha)

Kullu enfolds numerous hot water springs, unsurpassed in natural beauty, primarily concealing curative power in them. People suffering from skin diseases horde hot water springs at Kheerganga, Kalath, Vashishta and Manikaran.

White sulphur particles can be seen sticking at the bottom on both sides of the hot water spring at Kheerganga in Parbati valley or floating like milk cream here and there. These particles give the water white color and this caused it to be named as Kheerganga. These springs are accessible by vehicles. A short trek from Manikaran takes you to the hot water springs at Kheerganga .

In Manikaran one can find hot water springs in the area of 4 km i.e. between Kasol & Brahma Ganga but the main and hottest springs are found in Manikaran itself. The hot water springs gush out from below the rocks. Temperature of water varies from 88°C to 94°C. A German scientist gave presence of radium as one of the main reasons behind the high temperature of water.

The water tastes good but has calcium carbonate as is evident from the crust at the bottom. A regular dip in the water cures gastric problems and rheumatic pains. Rice can be cooked in twenty minutes in the hottest of these springs.

A bath in the hot water springs at Kalath, Manali is said to cure all kinds of skin diseases. Separate baths for men and women have been constructed here now.

Vashishtha village in Manali is famous for the Turkish baths built by Tourism Department. The legend behind the presence of these springs here goes that when Laxman felt that his Guru, Rishi Vashishtha had to go a long distance for his bath he shot an arrow on the ground and when that arrow struck the ground hot water oozed out.

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