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Students of Kullu now don't need to wrestle with subjects they have no interest in, as they can take up a vocational course. The main streams of science, commerce, and arts do not provide much incentive for a student to build up his future. They can just be a source of higher erudition, which is not of much use in providing them with a far better competence for becoming productive members of the society. Instead of wasting their time and energy in subjects of lesser interests to them, they are given a choice of vocations they can specialize in.

The primary vocational institution in Kullu is the ITI Shamshi, which imparts training in various industrial lines of work. Other major institutes are the Christian Institute of Techno Medicals, Dhalpur dealing with paramedical courses and ITI for women Dhalpur providing vocational training to women of the valley and thus are striving to make people of the valley innovative.

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