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The government of Himachal Pradesh has for all time worked hard for improving the level of education of the students. It is owing to the labors of the government that there is barely any village left devoid of a primary school.

So as to bestow better education facilities to the students in these primary schools, 'Saraswati Baal Vidya Sankalp Scheme' has been initiated. Under this scheme each primary school shall be facilitated with three concrete rooms. Number of schools have been provided funds under this scheme. To meet the scarcity of teaching staff in the far- off areas, Volunteer Teachers have been signed up. Moreover, volunteers who completed five years of service have been made permanent. JBT teachers have also been appointed and new schools have been opened up.

In order that poor students are not rundown of right to education after metric due to lack of means, they have been entitled to various scholarship schemes. Every year a huge amount is given as scholarships. Students belonging to scheduled caste, scheduled tribe, backward class and IRDP (Indian Rural Development Programme) are given free education and provided with books till tenth class. Students from scheduled caste, scheduled tribe and backward class are facilitated with 'Dr. Ambedkar Medhavi Chatra Scholarship' scheme. Under this scheme students of eleventh & twelfth classes are rewarded Rs.10000 as scholarship.

Girls belonging to the sweeper class are also provided with a scholarship of Rs. 9000 per year for studies after metric under 'Maharishi Valmiki Scholarship Scheme'. A scheme has been initiated to provide education to the students of tribal areas. Government is also providing computer education in almost all the government schools in the valley. Efficient Teachers have been appointed for this purpose.

All these efforts of the local government have gone into making Kullu a completely literate district and thus helping Himachal Pradesh in emerging as the second most literate state of the country.

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