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 Tips for Travellers

Plan Your Health
Scenic Kothi VillagePredeparture planning is vital before you set out for journey. Consult your doctor and take the necessary vaccination. Carry a first aid kit with you.

If undertaking a particular medication carry your medicines with you. Before finalizing your trip make sure you are in good health and ready for the schedules ahead.

Ensure Your Safety
In the last few years many foreign tourists have been reported missing in some areas of the valley. Just see to it that you don't travel alone and while doing so be careful.
  • Taking Marijuana that grows extensively wild in the valley is illegal.
  • Beware of the travel agents and hotel agents who throng you as you arrive at the bus stations. It would be advisable to make your reservation before coming to the valley.
  • It is worthwhile to drive slow in the mountains as the roads in some parts of the valley aren't in that good condition and there are blind turns at some places.
  • For trips and excursions go only to government recommended travel agents and stay in hotels and guest houses which are registered with the government.
  • Don't hesitate in checking the identity cards of tourist guides you hire.
  • Foreigners who wish to overstay should contact the nearest police station.
  • Leave your valuable articles in lockers or safe deposits provided by the hotels.

Be Eco - Friendly
Kullu, proudly called the Valley of Gods by its inhabitants is on the verge of loosing its serene beauty and rich heritage. In order to upkeep the piousness of the valley sincere efforts are needed to be made. You can help the Valley by planning your visit in an organized manner.

  • Those using mineral water can carry some water container with them and instead of buying mineral water everytime they can put water purifying tablets in their containers. Besides saving your money it would also help in maintaining ecosystem of Kullu, as on being thrown here and there they do but pamper pollution.
  • Use less of plastics. Refuse to accept poly bags from shopkeepers, this will help in spreading awareness amongst them and they might put an end to this practice of theirs.
  • Do not leave non-biodegradable articles here and there.
  • Do not litter. Help uphold the divine abode of Gods
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