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 Responsible Tourism

snow-clad mountain peaks

Kulluites are nature lovers and are upholding the beauty of the valley. The valley is visited by thousands of tourists each year and earnest efforts are called for, so that the charisma of the valley is maintained and sanctity preserved.

  • Restrain dirtiness. Try carrying back your garbage when returning from picnics.
  • Avoid buying things in plastic bags and plastic bottles.
  • If using plastic bags & containers don't throw them away, attempt reusing them.
  • Don't ruin or scribble on the walls of temples and other historical monuments.
  • Pay heed to notices regarding permission for clicking photographs at various places, as it might not be allowed.
  • Don't encourage beggars.
  • Be extra careful while driving on hilly trails, as there are many blind curves.
  • Don't go very near the rivers, as the rivers seem shallow but the velocity of the water is high.
  • Don't trespass into people's fields and avoid plucking fruits.
  • Women in mountains rate modesty high, therefore avoid offending their sentiments.
  • Always bath in a swimsuit in rivers and streams, as nudity is utterly intolerable.
  • Take off your shoes and leather goods before entering places of worship. In gurudwaras (Sikh places of worship) cover your head with a scarf.
  • Do not refuse prasaad (food offering) given in temples. It is reverent to taste it.
  • Keep away from drug- peddlers. Use and possession of Marijuana that grows outrageously surplus in the valley is illegal.
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