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 Foreign Exchange

Foreign currency can be exchanged in State Bank of India at Manali. The bank exchanges a maximum of US$ 500 per person a day. In special cases this amount may exceed. The State Bank of India, Manali exchanges US Dollar, Pound Sterling, French Francs, Swiss Francs, Japanese Yen, Euro, Canadian Dollar, Australian Dollar, Deutsche Mark.

Some private agencies like Western Union Money Transfer at Manali are also engaged in exchange of foreign currency.

State Bank of India, Manali Ph: +91-1902-52405

Travelers Cheques
State Bank of India, Manali and State Bank of Patiala, Kullu accept travelers' cheques. The banks provide exchange upto a maximum of $500 per person a day. The widely accepted travelers' cheques are American Express, Thomas Cook, Visa, etc. Various private agencies like Western Union Money Transfer, Universal Express, etc. are also in the business.

State Bank of India, Manali: +91- 1902- 52405, 52177.
State Bank of Patiala, Kullu: +91- 1902- 22457.

Credit Cards
Certain shops & hotels in Kullu & Manali towns accept credit cards. The most widely accepted cards are Master Card & Visa. Cash is not advanced for cards anywhere in the valley but Bank of Baroda in Mandi (67km from Kullu) gives cash advance on Visa Card.

International Transfers
Western Union Money Transfer in Kullu & Manali facilitate international money transfers.

Ph: +91-1902-52182

Open Market
If short of time, unauthorized dealers or open marketers too deal in foreign exchange. Though there is a slight risk involved in open market, the exchange is faster and could fetch you extra rupees.

Encashment Certificate
If you exchange money at banks and authorized agencies it is advisable to obtain an encashment certificate from the concerned agency. This certificate helps in re- exchanging excess rupees for hard currency while leaving India. The bank charges Rs.25 for providing this certificate.

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