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 Yoga & Meditation

Tranquil riverside - Kullu valleyAway from the hustle & bustle of metropolis and commotion of daily life Kullu Valley offers various exotic locales for meditation, which lie hitherto uncharted and probably concealed from the outside world.

Meditation is beneficial for every person, particularly individuals by way of hectic, nerve-racking life. Meditation helps in calming down the distressed psyche of the individual. Meditating in a place of natural beauty makes easier for the mind to concentrate and renergise.

The calm environment of Kullu provides superlative atmosphere for pondering. The rivers, the western Himalayas, lush green forests; the matchless natural environment suits meditation and yoga, as, if done in a safe and relaxing environment when mind is free of worldly affairs you can concentrate better.

The mountains and riverbanks of Kullu have been regarded suitable for meditation since times and sages as Beas Rishi, author of the immense epic 'Mahabharata' and Manu Maharaj, from whom human race is believed to have started and who gave the Hindus 'Manu Sanhita', meditated here.

There are some yoga and meditation centers in Kullu where workouts are taught for toning up inner organs and easing stressed physique. Swami Shyam Ashram at Gandhinagar in Kullu runs a yoga centre where alongwith physical exercise meditation is taught.

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