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Great Himalayan National ParkThe woodlands of Kullu preserve a variety of wildlife. The district has five wildlife sanctuaries of which Manali, Kais, Kanawar, Khokhan are in Kullu Valley and the Great Himalayan National Park is in Sainj valley. These sanctuaries preserve animals like Musk Deer, Common Fox, Leopard, Ibex, Himalayan Tahr, Porcupine, Bear (black & brown), Goral (Nemorhaedus goral), Himalayan Yellow Throated Marten, Langur and Flying Squirrel etc. and pheasants like Cheer Pheasant, Monal, Western Tragopan etc.

The Great Himalayan National Park is situated in the Sainj valley of Kullu district. The park harbours more than 300 species of birds and over 30 species of mammals. The park provides habitat for some of the highly endangered species like western tragopan, snow leopard and musk deer.

Monal (Lophophorus Impejanus)

The park provides an excellent habitat for pheasants. Out of 7 pheasants found in the Western Himalayas, six are found in the park viz. Western Tragopan (Tragopan Melanocephalus), Monal (Lophophorus impejanus), Cheer (Catreus Wallichi), Koklass (Pucrasia macrolopha), Kaliz (Lophura leucomelana) and snowcock (Tetraogallus himalayensis).

Kais sanctuary is located 16 km from Kullu. Amimals found in the sanctuary are ghoral, black bear, brown bear, barking deer. Birds like monal, cheer pheasant, kaliz are also found.

Koklas (Pucrasia Macrolopha)Kanawar wild life sanctuary is located in the Parvati valley of Kullu district. The sanctuary is famous for the variety of wild life. The species of animals found in the sanctuary are musk deer, barking deer, brown bear, snow leopard, black bear, Himalayan tahr, civet cat, Porcupine, blue sheep, flying squirrel etc. Pheasant like Western Tragopan and Cheer are also found in the sanctuary.

Khokhan wildlife sanctuary is located at a distance of 19 km from Kullu Main species of animals found in the sanctuary are Black Bear, Leopard, Barking deer, Ghoral, Musk deer, Porcupine, Gothu, besides numerous birds like Monal, Cheer pheasants, Kaleej, Chakor etc. are also found.

Musk DeerManali sanctuary is located 1 km away from the international hill resort Manali. The main species of animals found in the sanctuary are leopard, musk deer, black bear, brown bear, Himalayn ibex. The birds found in the sanctuary are monal, koklas, chakor, tree creepers, snow pigeon, kingfisher etc. Snakes and lizards are also found.

These sanctuaries are rich in trees like Oak (Quercus incana), Fir (Abies pindrow), Kail , Spruce (Pices smithiana), Deodar (Cedrus deodara), Bras (Rhododendron arborium), Maple (Acer pictum), Walnut (Juglans regia), Fig (Ficus spp), Poplar (Populus ciliata), Pine (Pinus roxburghii), Aesculus (Aesculus indica) etc.

The best time to visit these sanctuaries is April to June and September to October. During this period the weather and visibility is suitable for spotting animals and the high reaches are easily accessible. The nature is also at it's festive best.

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