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 Fairs & Festivals

Rath Yatra - Kullu DussehraThe Valley of Gods, Kullu is well known for its fairs and festivals. These fairs and festivals are a part of native culture. During these fairs the atmosphere of the villages is incredibly tumult and fantastic. People are seen adorned in colorful traditional dresses and a tone of fun and frolic abounds. These fairs go headlong in strengthening their faith in the supreme being.

The month of Phalgun (mid February to mid March) marks the beginning of all fairs and festivals in the valley and from this day onwards, almost every second day a fair is held in one village or another. These fairs carry both religious and economic importance for the villagers. During these fairs people transact various articles of basic necessity.

Some famous fairs & festivals of Kullu valley are:

Kullu Dussehra
World famous Kullu Dussehra is a unique cultural fair held every year in October. Kullu Dussehra starts usually on the day it ends in the rest of the country. This gala goes on for a week. Dussehra is a beautiful amalgam of history, rich culture, customs and royal fads. Unlike other regions of India here effigies of Ravana, Meghnath and Kumbhakarana are not burnt.

Birshu is a rural fair, which is celebrated in almost every village of the valley during Chaitra and Baisakh (second half of April and first half of May). The fair is followed by worship of the village God to assure his blessings. During the prayer, the Gur (spokesman of God) goes into trance and makes yearly predictions.

Phagli of Malana
Phagli of Malana - Kullu ValleyDuring the month of Phagun (second half of February and first half of March), Phagli festival is celebrated in a delightful manner by the folks of Malana . During the celebrations people wear yellow barley grass upon clothes and greet each other by offering this grass, which is grown in shade. This festival reminds us of the victory of good over evil. According to a legend, demon Tundi Raksh troubled the people living between Malana village and Archhandi village. He was finally killed by Jamlu devta of Malana and Shandalya Rishi. To commemorate this event the fair is held in all the temples of Jamlu Devta, situated in Malana, Jana, Soil, and Halan villages.

Pipal Jatra (Spring Festival)
Pipal Jatra is also called Spring Festival as it signifies the beginning of spring season in Kullu Valley. It is celebrated every year from 28th- 30th April at Dhalpur Maidan (Site of famous Kullu Dussehra). The festival holds cultural significance no less than Dussehra. During the festival, reputed artists and various cultural groups from India and abroad come to give performance in Kullu. The deities from related villages also participate in the fair and add to its grandeur.

Sharhi Jatra
Sharhi Jatra is one of the important village fairs of Kullu Valley. It is a big fair celebrated in Naggar for three days. The fair is celebrated before Tripura Sundri temple during Jaishtha month (second half of May and first half of June). During the fair, natti is performed and lots of games are conducted. The gathering is colossal.

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