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Map of Kullu Valley The Himalayas adorned with purely white snow, emerald green trees and gushing brooks prove the universal concept of splendor. The rivulets of Kullu form eight valleys, Ani, Banjar, Garsa, Sainj, Kullu, Manikaran, Korpan & Lug, unique and worth- visiting.

The inhabitants of these valleys have distinct lifestyles, culture , beliefs and traditions. They are friendly and hospitable. A trip into these valleys will acquaint you with the aborigines', and their hard life blended with fun and simplicity. They are engrossed in their fairs and festivals after the harvest and live merrily through their tough lives.

The valleys uphold temples and monuments of historical and religious importance. For instance, Chehni Kothi in Banjar Valley and Naggar Castle in Kullu Valley are famous for their glorious pasts and magnificent architectural beauty.

The valleys conceal several places of tourist interest, which are laudable of being visited. Placid lakes, snow- bound mountains, blossom meadows, historical buildings and age old temples add to the opulence of your trip as you continue an excursion.

Naggar, Kullu and Manali are places of interest around which are the most frequently visited picnic spots .

Every valley has reliable transport and lodging facilities to facilitate your trip.

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