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Kullu ShawlsRich and vivacious handloom products of Kullu Valley have been its pride ever since ages. The shawls, pattus, mufflers, borders, blankets and local tweed depict the tough and persevered lifestyle of the aborigines.

Kullu shawl is most valued in the midst of handlooms. Both women and men put on this light woollen stuff, measuring 1x2 metres in size. When worn by men it is called 'Chadder' and when by women it is called 'shawl'. Kullu shawl is made out of merino, angora, pashmina or local sheep wool. The valley also promotes Kinnauri shawls.

Pattu is a blanket worn by the womenfolk over their clothes and fastened with local silver broaches called 'boomini'. A pattu looks like a shawl but is thicker and heavier than a shawl.

Kullu muffler is worn by both men and women and comes in differing sizes for both. These are woven on looms smaller than the one used for shawls.

Loi is gent's shawl, woven in light woolen fabric. A dohru is used as a blanket and is woven out of coarse wool.

Patti is short- width local tweed, usually used in making of pants and coats. It has an apt length and is 18" or 20" or 22" in width. Originally womenfolk used patti as pattu and man wove coats and pajamas out of it.

The worth of the handlooms counts on the quality of wool, color grouping and the patterns.

Refer to Handicrafts section of for detailed information on handlooms and handicrafts of Kullu valley.

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