Surendra Shounda has been earnestly working during the past years. His paintings are the innate medium of his search and expression. The entire work is profoundly inspired by Nature and mostly portray It in a realistic manner with apparent brush strokes.
Surendra strives to conciliate the existential conflicts based on duality and finds an incessant source of joy in painting Nature. He is driven not merely by It's beauty expressed in transient forms, but essentially the warmth and the subtle expression of infinitely unfolding existence, difficult to grasp through logical perception.

The artist is a native of Lahoul-Spiti, a tribal district in Himachal Pradesh among the massive Himalayas of northern India.
He was born in Kullu in 1974 . His childhood flare for drawing never left him and he continued to paint without any formal training.

Presently he is working as a web designer with Himalayan Websites, based at Ghurdourh, Kullu.