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The Western Himalayan Insitute of Mountaineering
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Mountaineering deals with a variety of tools & techniques such as rock climbing, ice climbing, snow craft, ice craft, river crossing and many more topics. In brief mountaineering means to enable a human being to conquer the mountains, using different techniques.

The Western Himalayan Institute of Mountaineering and Allied Sports was started in 1960 and offers training facilities in basic and advanced climbing as well as courses in high altitude trekking, rescue research, skiing and water sports. The institute also provides trekking and climbing gear to adventure enthusiasts.


Typical courses offered by the Institute:
  • Basic Mountaineering (26 days)
  • Advanced Mountaineering (28 days)
  • Search & Rescue (20 days)
  • Method of Instruction (MOI) in Mountaineering (21 days)


The Mountaineering Institute is situated at Aleo, Manali on the right bank of river Beas.
Phone +91-1902-54293.


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