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Handicrafts: Namdas & Gudmas (Mattresses and Quilts)

Woolen Mattress - NamdasNamdas are a kind of mattress, originally from the state of Jammu and Kashmir. These are made by felting the wool rather than weaving it. A low quality wool mixed with a small quantity of cotton is used to manufacture namdas. They are usually of two types, plain and embroidered. Formerly, woolen yarn was used for embroidery, but now acrylic yarn (cashmelon) is in use.

Prices of namdas depend upon their quality of wool, pattern (plain or embroidery), size of the product and the neatness in designs.

Type Size Price(Rs.)
Plain 3' x 6' 300
10' x 12' 1000
Embroidered 3' x 6' 550
10 ' x 12' 2000-2500

Gudma, another imperative article which originated from the state of Jammu & Kashmir. It is a very warm article used as a quilt. It resembles the Namda and is made of 'byang wool' having long fibers. Gudmas essentially come in natural wool colour i.e. white, black and grey. The designs on the base of the gudmas recently came into fashion, for decorating them with flowers, animals and geometrical designs.

As a craft Namdas and Gudmas are surviving with the help of government. Prices depend upon the quality of wool, spinning, durability and weight etc.

Type Size Price
Plain 3' x 6' 1000- 2000
Embroidered 10 ' x 12' 1500- 3000

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