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Handicrafts: Mandris (Straw Carpets made out of paddy straw)

A Straw Carpet - MandriMandri (grass carpet) is also one of the local crafts of Kullu district in Himachal Pradesh and was very well liked once. This craft was prevalent in the region centuries ago. It is said that in olden times raw- material for carpets couldn't reach the valley due to lack of transportation facilities and also people were not familiar with the art of carpet weaving and knitted mandaris for themselves.

The raw material used for a mandari is paddy straw and jute thread. In olden days mandaris were normally used as floor coverings. People of the valley, especially the rich ones, who had large fields of paddy, made mandari's in large number and it was a tradition to present it on certain auspicious occasions like marriges , festivals etc. But now with changing times, mandari as a craft is fast fading. Carpets are replacing these with change in fashion; but the backward villages still use them for seating and sleeping purposes.

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