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Jeevan Asha Trust - a name by itself implies LIFE and HOPE complementing each other at all times during our sojourn on this planet. It is very symbolic to our mission and vision for mankind, torn apart by physical and spiritual upheavals that make and break us at given times of stress and strain.

As per the law of the land our Trust is registered and has its office at:

Datta Prasad Building. No. 1,
Mithila Road,
Upnagar, Nashik - 422006,
Maharashtra, India.

Tel: +91-253-2413338/ 39
Fax: +91-253-2413490

Please read ahead if you are interested in what we have to state. Your commitment and interest is solicited for what lies ahead.

The aims and objects of the Trust are varied and wide in their conceptualization and focus on initiating, developing and promoting activities related to community health, social education, woman and child health issues, nutrition, gender inequality, empowerment of women and youth and conservation of the environment.

Stigma & discrimination - are the outcome of our social values and culture. HIV/AIDS is a social stigma that needs to be handled with care and counselling.

Orphanage for HIV positive children - The target communities will be HIV positive and negative children of deceased or living AIDS parent/s upto the age of 12 years, for adoption and educating, training in skills according to their health status for generating a livelihood.

The children will be located in the orphanage and the cost for maintaining one child amounts to $50.00 per month, for meeting their, accommodation, health and food requirement, providing technical assistance and employment education and one annual trip to expose them to Indian culture and traditions.

We have around 25 children waitlisted for adoption. Savita Hirve a girl child aged 10 years who is positive and orphaned has been adopted and is living in the home of the Chairman.

Community Care Centre

A Community Care Centre is visualized in coordination with Jeevan Kalyan (Medical & Charitable) Trust (a sister concern of Jeevan Asha), which manages Asha Kendra, Puntamba, Tal. Rahata, District Ahmednagar.

Initially we have a list of 50 patients who will be beneficiaries of this Centre and the cost of medication and health care, food, etc., amounts to $4.00 per patient, per day.

Are you willing - to join hands with us through funds, donations, technical know how? If so,

Our FCRA Account can be accessed for funding.
Cash/ Cheque or D/D May be kindly sent to the address given above.

Cordially yours,
Dr. Avinash G. Balkundi


The impressive advances in medicines, insecure life style due to globalization, ineffective professional support service and improper and unhygienic living conditions, continue to hamper the health of an individual. Paralysis, arthritis, polio, mental retardation and related diseases need care and medication.

ASHA KENDRA - A small rural unit is under our management and is known for its clinical services to the poor and marginalized in and around district Ahmednagar. The Centre specializes in Alternate system of medicine [Ayurveda and Acupuncture] along with Allopathy. It successfully treats people suffering from paralysis, arthritis, polio, mental retardation, etc., from India and abroad.

A newly built Annexe to the Acupunture Centre provides additional in-patient facilities for physiotheraphy, panchakarma, steam sauna, oil massage, etc.

Patients at the onset are stabilized with Allopathic medications but from our observation and research we have come to the conclusion that patients respond well to Alternate medicines which do not pose any problems of side effects. It is also observed that 90% success is achieved from our system of treatment.

On an average 450 patients per day visit Asha Kendra for various treatments.

We HUMBLY APPEAL to you for funds and equipment [being discarded by hospitals or nursing homes] in good condition and useful for the Kendra.

Specialized treatment and home care support for HIV-AIDS patients is given free of charge. The Centre receives financial support to the tune of Rs. 1,00,000/- for this purpose from our sister concern Jeevan Kalyan [Medical & Charitable] Trust.

To be more effective and in tune with the need we would like to call upon you to give serious thought lending your generous support, thereby showing your willingness to share and care for those who need that extra penny of help and concern.

We request you to visit the Kendra before making any decision. We insist on this so that you can be sure for willingness to be a part of the Mission to the unfortunates who need the reassurance that Friends like you do really exist.

If you are convinced, then the emotional bonding will strengthen us to more effective services to many, many more and you will be blessed for listening to your inner-self (Atma) that desires to spread love and compassion, matched with yearning to give to those who look up to you who can.

Our FCRA Account can be accessed when you are READY!
Cash/ Cheque or DD may kindly be sent to:

Jeevan Asha [Charitable] Trust

Cordially yours,
[Dr] Avinash G. Balkundi

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