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 Permits & License for Fishing

Permits requires for trout angling can be obtained from the following places:

1. Tourist Information Centre, Manali.
2. Senior Fisheries Officer, Katrain, Kullu.
3. Sub- Inspector of Fisheries, Kullu.
4. Tourist Information Centre, Kullu.
5. Fisheries Field Assistant, Jari (Parbati valley)
6. Sub-Inspector of Fisheries, Larji.
7. Fisheries Officer, Nagni (Near Banjar)
8. Assistant Director of Fisheries, Mandi.
9. Senior Fisheries Officer, Mandi.
10. Fisheries Officer, Barot (District Mandi).

One permit allows six fishes, each fish having minimum length of 25cms.

Conditions under which the license is issued:

1. The license holder shall not catch or kill or sell any fish of the following species less than the length shown against each: (1) Mahseer (Tor putitora) 30 cm, (2) Trout (Salmo fario) 25 cm, (3) Gid (Labeo Dero) 25 cm, (4) Common carp (Cyprinus carpio) 30 cm, (5) Catla or Theila (Catla oatla) 45 cm, (6) Rohu (Labeo Rohita) 40 cm, (7) Mori (Cirrhina marigala) 30 cm, (8) Silver carbs (hypophthalmic thys molytrix) 45 cm, (9) Gugli or Saloh (Schiozothorax plagiostomous) 25 cm.
2. The destruction or attempting to destroy fish by gun, spear, bow and arrow and like instruments or pollution of waters by trade affluents or by use of 'PHAI' 'JHATCA' or any other method not defined in the in the rule is prohibited.
3. The license holder shall not engage or employ any person to help him with his fishing gear unless the person so employed is also a license holder.
4. The license holder in river and streams within 100 metres from any bridge shall use no fishing gear except rod and line.
5. Every license holder shall be bound to show his license to any person empowered under section 8 of H.P. Fisheries Act, 1976.
6. The license is not transferable.
7. The license holder is bound to report the Deputy Commissioners or any other Fisheries Officer or Police Office of any breach of rules that come to his notice.
8. Fishing is not permitted in any water closed to fishing by any rule notified under section 3 (1) of the H.P. Fisheries Act 1976 and described as closed to fishing shown in schedule
9. No person shall catch any trout during the period from 1st November to last day of February each year. The license holder shall catch not more than six trout in a day.
10. The holder of a trout-fishing license shall fill in a proforma and return to the Director of Fisheries on the expiry of the license.


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