Hill Agriculture
Principal Crops
Improved Systems
Economy of Crops
Holistic Farming
Income Comparison
1 Holistic Farming
2 Organic Farming
3 Nutrient Manag.
4 Pest Manag.
5 Hybrid Seeds
6 Hi-Tech Practices
7 Irrigation
8 Innovations
9 Marketing
10 Locations
11 Extension
12 Investments
Concluding Remarks
Experiments in Hill Agriculture
Broad-Based Agricultural Extension Systems (BBAES)

by D.S. Thakur
Professor of Agricultural Economics
Regional Research Station, Bajaura

Ecological and hi-tech agriculture for long-run sustainable farming and 'Ever Green Revolution' requires Broad Based Agricultural Extension Systems (BBAES) in order to successfully implement all the above ten points. The BBAES consists of the initial rapport making with the farm families and villagers and to know their problems and requirements, to use the same as an entry point.

This is to be followed by training, transfer of technology, human resource development, youth farmers and women farmer-specific technologies and agricultural infrastructure planning and development by using different extension methods to completely change the attitude of farmers through increased knowledge and skills for higher production, income, standard of living and sustainable farming by implementing the 12 point strategy as outlined and given in this paper.


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