Hill Agriculture
Principal Crops
Improved Systems
Economy of Crops
Holistic Farming
Income Comparison
1 Holistic Farming
2 Organic Farming
3 Nutrient Manag.
4 Pest Manag.
5 Hybrid Seeds
6 Hi-Tech Practices
7 Irrigation
8 Innovations
9 Marketing
10 Locations
11 Extensions
12 Investments
Concluding Remarks
Experiments in Hill Agriculture -
Strategy for Long-Run Sustainability of Agriculture and Evergreen Revolution -"Model of Tomorrow"

by D.S. Thakur
Professor of Agricultural Economics
Regional Research Station, Bajaura

It is clear from the above section that technology and the Integrated Intensive Holistic Farming Systems (IIHFS) exist to increase agricultural production and income manifold and thus the 'Second Green Revolution' is already in sight where these have been implemented. Therefore, the urgent need is to transfer hi-tech agriculture knowledge and technology to farmers to extend the 'Second Green Revolution' to all farmers.

The foodgrain crops yields of progressive farmers ranging from 30 to 40 quintals under rainfed and 40 to 50 quintals under irrigated conditions in Himachal Pradesh, as compared to the average yield of wheat of 24.30 quintals in India and 35.20 quintals in Punjab, are still not high and up to the potential level, keeping in view, for example, wheat yield of 87.71 quintals per ha in the Netherlands and our own all-India National Demonstration highest yields of 63, 63.5 and 75.12 quintals per hectare of wheat, maize and paddy respectively. Moreover, if progressive farmers of the hill state of Himachal Pradesh can get high yields of crops, the farmers of Punjab and all-India can do much better to usher in the 'Second Green Revolution' in India

The major issue and task are the sustainability of high yields, so urgently needed for the 'Second Green Revolution' to be followed by 'Ever Green Revolution'. It will be pertinent to present and briefly discuss the twelve-point strategy successfully followed in Himachal Pradesh for sustainable hi-tech farming by the sample progressive farmers during the last seven years for ensuring a quantum jump in their production and income.


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