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The fact that women are not given a status equal to men is a bitter truth that stands before many developing nations. It may be the right to education or the freedom to move about, women are not given freedom equal to men.
In our country India too, women are denied equal freedom. As far as our region Kullu-Manali is concerned, a considerable number of women are still illiterate and have not yet been exposed to the outside world. Work in the houses and fields eats up their day. The word 'entertainment' is alien to them. Illiteracy and lack of awareness & exposure leads them to being alcoholics and smokers.

Aashiyan Society is determined to remove these evils from the society. The Society is working towards creating awareness among women so that they are able to express themselves better. We visit villages and spread our messages among the people through street plays. We inform them about the health hazards that tobacco and alcohol consumption cause.

On the occasions of Republic Day and Women's Day cultural programmes are organized by women for the women of the region. Theme of these programmes is mainly patriotism, literacy and environmental issues. The basic motive behind these is to enlighten them and expose them to social problems.

We are working on the plan of a project that will centrally focus on the upliftment of women and young girls. We are trying to get government support for the purpose, but our earlier experience of working together with the government of India have left a bitter taste in the mouth. Our earlier projects have been accomplished by the efforts of society members and socially awakened people of the region.

Now we wish to present our ideas beyond the region - to the world people, who we feel will understand our problems and will help to root out the evils from our society